Program description

There are two versions of the game of blind football. Blind football (B1 or 5 a side football) is played by athletes who are totally blind. Vision impaired futsal (partially sighted futsal) is played by athletes who are vision impaired.

Each team has five players, including a goalkeeper. Outfield players must wear eye patches or eyeshades.
The goalkeeper can be sighted or partially sighted, classified as B2 and B3, and cannot leave their designated area.

The football must contain bells or another system that ensures the ball makes a noise when it is moving on the pitch or through the air.

There are no offside rules or throw-ins in blind football but there are corner kicks.
Each half lasts 20 minutes and teams can request a one-minute time-out per half.

Contact information

For more information, contact Blind Sports WA

Participant details

From 13 years of age.

Specifically for Legally Blind players.


Competitive games are played every 2nd Sunday 9 – 11 am during the summer season at Perth Soccer Club, Dorrien Gardens sporting facility, Victoria St & Lawley Street, West Perth WA.

Australian Blind Football is an initiative of Blind Sports Australia and Football Federation Australia, creating a recognised pathway for people who are Blind or vision impaired.


Patrick Amato

Ambassador – Patrick Amato WA Paras representative

Rebecca Evans

Ambassador – Rebecca Evans Powerchair Football

Ben Rowe

Ambassador – Ben Rowe Blind Sports WA Chairperson

Equal Footingball

Featuring representatives from Cockburn City Soccer Club, Western Knights Soccer Club, Kalamunda United Football Club, Lynwood United Football Club.