Program description

Equal Footingball is a Football West competition that provides an inclusive environment and suitable competition, with three divisions available for people with disability to find their game!

Participants are part of a Football Club where they engage in regular fun and inclusive training sessions and matches during the winter competition season.

The game utilises rules similar to the international Special Olympics and CP Football set-ups. The matches are played either in a 7-a-side (Division 1 & 2) or 5-a-side (Division 3) format with minor modifications.

Contact information

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Participant details

From 10 years of age

Specifically for people with a disability

Players need to be able to move unassisted around a small pitch. Concession for walking aids.


Equal Footingball Division 1 – Performance

From 14 years of age.

Equal Footingball Division 1 is the highest level of competition in the Equal Footingball Divisions.

Division 1 is recommended for those players aiming to compete in State and National Pathways.

Equal Footingball Division 2 – Pathway

From 12 years of age.

Equal Footingball Division 2 caters for developing players who are mastering their skill, game awareness and physical capability.

Equal Footingball Division 3 – Participation

From 10 years of age.

Equal Footingball Division 3 is the entry level division that caters for those who have limited football experience or ability.