Program description

The WA Paras football program provides a pathway for people with varying ability and goals to play football.

CP Football is a 7-a-side version of the game that has minor modifications allowing for a fast paced and competitive game. There is no offside rule in CP Football and there are changes to the throw-ins, allowing players to roll the ball into play.

State and National teams for CP Football, provide a pathway for those interested in playing at a competitive level.

Players aiming to represent their state or country are required to be classified from FT1 – FT3, with a combination of classifications required on the pitch during matches. The WA Paras coaches and staff can assist any athletes wanting to be classified.

Contact information

Contact Football West

Mick Owens


Participant details

From 7 years of age.

Specifically for people with Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury, symptoms resulting from Stroke, and other Neurological conditions


The squad meet fortnightly on a Saturday at Yokine Reserve, in Yokine or Gibbney Reserve, in Maylands where they receive elite level training.

The WA Paras program is a great way to meet new friends, keep fit and reach desired goals.
Whether that’s playing for Australia, transitioning into a mainstream football team, or just kicking lots of goals, come join the WA Paras!

Details on CP Football can be found:


Chris Barty

Ambassador – Chris Barty Captain of the WA Paras